Lorna Stevens teaches A Collage A Day, A Sculpture A Day and Studio Workshop at City College of San Francisco. A Sculpture A Day and A Collage A Day explore the materials, techniques, and concepts of sculpture or collage through a series of small-scale projects. Each session a unique project is completed, though the focus is on creative exploration rather than a calculated end product. In Studio Workshop, artists choose their projects and work within the supportive environment of instructor mentorship. All workshops include guest artists, presentations of related current and historical art, group critiques, and photographs of created work. Previous guest artists include Ray Bender, Matt Borruso, Amanda Curreri, Joanne Easton, Marshall Elliott, Matt Gonzales, Tania Houtzager, Vanessa Marsh, Michelle Nye, Mel Prest, Megan Reed, James Sansing, Travis Somerville, Kirk Stoller and Sarah Thibault.

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